Gandi, French domain name registrar and hosting provider is ready for the Asian market.

Since opening its Taipei office a year ago, Gandi has rolled out its complete services to Internet users and companies on the Asian continent.

08 JULY 2015, TAIWAN
Established in July 2014 in the center of Taipei, the Asian subsidiary of the French registrar Gandi now features its own Customer Care team and Corporate Services team to assist customers in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand in the management of their domain name portfolios. Gandi has also obtained direct accreditation with the registries of .CN and .TW as of May 2015.

The entire website and related services description have been translated to Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and support for additional payment methods and currencies has been added for Taiwan Dollars (TWD) and Chinese Yuan (CNY).

Gandi, already present in France, Luxembourg and the United States, also benefits from this expansion by being able to offer comprehensive round-the-clock customer support, six days per week for all of its global customers.

On the technical side, Gandi activated its first mini-POP (Point of Presence) in Tokyo in February this year. Thanks to anycast technology, sites and domain names hosted with Gandi benefit from faster name resolution, with up to 30% shorter response times from countries like Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, China, Australia, and of course Japan.

"With an estimated 650 million Internet users in China alone and only 45% of its population connected", says Gandi's C.E.O. Stephan Ramoin, "Asia is a market that will see massive developments in the coming years. The presence of a team in Taipei allows us to initiate our Asian development and facilitates our opening of a datacenter in the region. It also gives us the possibility to serve all our customers around the clock."

With a growing ecosystem to support open source and open innovation, Taiwan offers a great environment for startups (numerous successful chipmakers and vendors were incubated in Taiwan such as TSMC, UMC, Quanta, Acer). Also, as the most democratic country in East Asia, Taiwan is currently taking on the next challenge with a focus on innovative software and solutions, all very good reasons for Gandi to choose Taiwan as its Asia operational base.

Proud not to waste money with mass advertisement, the registrar, which already has several thousands of customers in Asia, is looking forward to further deepening its relationship with customers in East Asia and developing its market through word-of-mouth and by supporting local developers who, as Gandi has for 15 years, believe in open source.

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About Gandi

Founded in March of 2000, Gandi has grown to become one of the primary sellers of domain names in the world, with over 1.8 million domain names under management. Gandi provides individuals the opportunity to personalize their piece of the Internet, while offering domain name and hosting solutions to small businesses, large companies and institutions. Besides its function as a domain registrar, Gandi is a leading SSL Certification Authority, managing nearly 40,000 certificates.

With its expertise in domain names, Gandi expanded its offering to public cloud hosting in 2008, and now supports more than 30,000 hosting customers, representing more than 120,000 sites. With both Simple Hosting, a PaaS service designed for SMEs and individuals, and a high-performance IaaS service, Gandi offers a range of options to suit the needs of its various customers.

Gandi's hosting options combine the power of virtual private servers with high flexibility and optimal data security on a truly innovative network and server architecture.

Gandi is an innovative company, offering services "for geeks, by geeks," insists Stephan Ramoin, CEO. Gandi has a simple but ambitious commitment: "to create the company in which we would like to work, and sell products and services that we would buy as customers."