Gandi adds Ruby to its supported PaaS instance families

Following the popular PHP, Node.js, and Python platforms, Gandi is adding a Ruby instance type to the Simple Hosting PaaS family

Following the success of the popular PHP, node.js, and Python instance types, Gandi is announcing the availability of Ruby instances for the Simple Hosting PaaS platform. Gandi is continuously working to integrate feedback from users, developers, and community members to enhance and extend our hosting offers. We are making the Ruby instance available starting at $4 a month, just like all the other instance types.

Leading domain name register and hosting provider Gandi announced today the availability of Ruby programming language instances for its Simple Hosting Platform-as-a-Service customers. Gandi added the Ruby platform in response to demand from users, developers and community members, to allow Ruby developers rapid deployment of applications to production-ready environments on Gandi Simple Hosting. The Ruby instance of Gandi Simple Hosting is available starting at the same price as all other Gandi programming language instances, $4.00 a month.

“Gandi is continuously working to integrate feedback to enhance and extend our hosting offers,” said Thomas Stocking, San Francisco-based COO of Gandi. “The Ruby instance builds on the success of our popular PHP, Node.js and Python platforms and is at the same low cost that Gandi customers have enjoyed for over two years now.”

Any Ruby on Rails or Rack platform application can be deployed in moments using Git and SSH, the familiar, scriptable commands that most modern developers know and love.

Gandi Simple Hosting is a flexible and robust Platform-as-a-Service offering, that is priced at levels usually only seen with shared hosting options. With the roll-out of Ruby instances, Gandi continues its deployment of innovative and highly flexible hosting systems, and helps make Simple Hosting a truly simple and practical solution for companies and development teams.

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About Gandi

Founded in March of 2000, Gandi has grown to become one of the primary sellers of domain names in the world, with over 1.8 million domain names under management. Gandi provides individuals the opportunity to personalize their piece of the Internet, while offering domain name and hosting solutions to small businesses, large companies and institutions. Besides its function as a domain registrar, Gandi is a leading SSL Certification Authority, managing nearly 40,000 certificates.

With its expertise in domain names, Gandi expanded its offering to public cloud hosting in 2008, and now supports more than 30,000 hosting customers, representing more than 120,000 sites. With both Simple Hosting, a PaaS service designed for SMEs and individuals, and a high-performance IaaS service, Gandi offers a range of options to suit the needs of its various customers.

Gandi's hosting options combine the power of virtual private servers with high flexibility and optimal data security on a truly innovative network and server architecture.

Gandi is an innovative company, offering services "for geeks, by geeks," insists Stephan Ramoin, CEO. Gandi has a simple but ambitious commitment: "to create the company in which we would like to work, and sell products and services that we would buy as customers."