French domain name registrar and webhost is celebrating its 15th birthday

Gandi is organizing a massive online giveaway to thank its customers on the occasion of its 15-year anniversary

26 MARCH 2015
Founded in 1999, Gandi sold its first domain names in March of 2000. Its portfolio, then limited to just 3 extensions (.com, .net and .org), has since ballooned to nearly 600 TLDs. Having grown from 4 employees to over 100, as well as having launched its cloud hosting platform in 2008, the company is in the midst of an international expansion.

In addition to opening its Baltimore datacenter in 2010 and offices in San Francisco in 2011, Gandi has equally reinforced its European presence, opening offices and a datacenter in Luxembourg in 2013.

The company, founded in 1999, is simultaneously pursuing the Asian market with its new subsidiary in Taiwan in 2014 and the addition of a new point of presence for its DNS service in Tokyo in 2015.

Gandi's production and support teams are currently handling registrar operations for nearly 1.7 million domain names, plus hosting for over 200,000 websites and apps for users in over 180 countries.

The company's growth has occurred entirely thanks to word of mouth, no funds having been spent on advertisements. Holding itself to the high standards of ethics and transparency declared by its founders, the company has supported over 300 alternative, humanitarian and technical projects, and contributes extensively to the free and open source software ecosystem.

Gandi plans to recruit several dozen new mostly technical employees in the coming months across its offices in Europe, the U.S. and Taiwan. The strengthened workforce will help handle increased demand as a result of ICANN's release of 700 new gTLDs over the course of 18 months, as well as to finalize a new hosting service. An internal structural reorganization is also underway, in the pursuit of streamlined production cycles, increased autonomy and continuous deployment. A new version of the website is in the final stages of preparation.

Until then, in order to express its gratitude to the customers whose referrals have formed the foundation for its growth, Gandi has formed partnerships with more than 10 TLD Registry partners in order to organize an online game, to run from March 30 to April 3, during the course of which it will distribute over 15,000 prizes daily on the dedicated website,

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About Gandi

Founded in March of 2000, Gandi has grown to become one of the primary sellers of domain names in the world, with over 1.8 million domain names under management. Gandi provides individuals the opportunity to personalize their piece of the Internet, while offering domain name and hosting solutions to small businesses, large companies and institutions. Besides its function as a domain registrar, Gandi is a leading SSL Certification Authority, managing nearly 40,000 certificates.

With its expertise in domain names, Gandi expanded its offering to public cloud hosting in 2008, and now supports more than 30,000 hosting customers, representing more than 120,000 sites. With both Simple Hosting, a PaaS service designed for SMEs and individuals, and a high-performance IaaS service, Gandi offers a range of options to suit the needs of its various customers.

Gandi's hosting options combine the power of virtual private servers with high flexibility and optimal data security on a truly innovative network and server architecture.

Gandi is an innovative company, offering services "for geeks, by geeks," insists Stephan Ramoin, CEO. Gandi has a simple but ambitious commitment: "to create the company in which we would like to work, and sell products and services that we would buy as customers."